Wednesday, June 29, 2011

burung-burung yang marah

dulu zaman2 student dulu..
aku ni kuat maen game tau..
ala..besela 2..
name pun student..
selaen mentelaah buku yang tebal2..
kitorang tidak akan lupe mengisi mase dengan aktiviti berpaedah
macam maen game la..ahahaaaa..
time blaja dulu..
aku suke maen game tumblebugs..
game zuma..
pizza frenzy..
and satu lagi chen..
tapi tu dulu la....

aku addicted giler dengan game ni...


The storyline of Angry Birds is fairly simple, telling the story of a seemingly endless battle between birds and pigs.  The pigs have stolen the birds eggs (hence the 'angry' part), and the game follows the birds quest to recover the eggs from the pigs.  To do so, the birds must defeat the pigs who are hiding in many different well-protected structures.

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